Community Volunteers


Keishia Evans

Teens Unite - Keishia is a counselor who provides services to children and families. She believes in effective strategies of communication coupled with consistency and the use of positive reinforcements. Keishia has an employment history that includes more than a decade as a counselor for the Dept of Juvenile Justice. She is currently in the same role at A Helping Hand Inc. She received her B.A. in liberal arts for political science and continued on to receive her M.S. Currently pursuing her PH.D in General Psychology. Mother of 4 wonderful children who keep her excited about what's to come, she ties her personal life into what she does professionally by strongly believing it takes a village. Keishia is a devoted Christian and wholeheartedly knows that her purpose in this world is to be of service to others. Email:

Kathleen M.E.Gless

Mindful Food Recovery - Kathleen (pronounced Kaught-Lane) is a teacher and practitioner sharing the transformational practices of mindfulness grounded in kindness and truth, and science based research. She is a student of Buddhist psychologists, authors and spiritual teachers, Tara Brach and Jack Kornfield. She also serves as a program manager and assistant to nonprofits, social entrepreneurs, activists, and spiritual teachers across the nation who work at the intersections of business, social and economic justice, holistic healing, and spirituality. Kathleen served as a crime victim advocate for more than 13 years for universities, local and state organizations, and for the U.S. Federal Government. Originally born in Bujumbura, Burundi, she is a Flemish Belgian who grew up in small town Nebraska. She arrived in Palm Coast in 2018 and is grateful for the people she has met and the beauty of the area. 

Jodie Barko-Abshire

Mindful Addiction Recovery

Frances Colon

Anxiety/Depression Support

Ashley Firantello

Families of First Responders - Ashley is a devoted “fire wife” and loving mother of a young daughter. She is aware of the unique culture surrounding her first responder, and knows first hand the highs and lows families may experience. Ashley believes that building a supportive community is essential for families of first responders.   Ashley currently works full-time as a children’s mental health counselor and is a certified life coach. She is the owner of New Wave Life Coaching, LLC. Her coaching services empathize “wholeness”.  Ashley offers her affordable coaching services and educational workshops at Peace by Pieces Healing & Wellness Center.  

Krista Rooney

Teen Fitness - Krista started her fitness journey 9 years ago as a client. When the opportunity came 7 years ago to become a coach she took it and is now a Primary Group Fitness Instructor. This is when her true passion and calling started. She greatly enjoys working with clients through any struggles they may have to grow into a better version of themselves. Fitness is so much more than the physical aspect. Group fitness builds community and support, while also helping the individual build more self confidence and self respect.  Krista is a native of Queens, NY, relocated to Palm Coast 17 years ago, and is happily married with 2 daughters.


Joseph Rooney

Yoga Instructor - Hi my name is Joseph Rooney,  I'm happily married with two daughter. I started my yoga journey 7 years ago. When I first start yoga it was the physical asana that drew me to yoga. As my practice grew so did I. I sound out there is so much more to yoga then the physical practice. The other limbs of yoga taught me how to be ok with myself, how to meditate and control my thoughts, all the while grounding with mother earth and letting my sport be one with the universe. Yoga has helped transform and save my life. Looking forward to seeing you on your mat.

April Roane

April Roane is a spiritual channel and teacher. She has been inspiring individuals worldwide for almost a decade. She has been featured on Bio Channel/ A&E, My Ghost Story, The Grief Club, DTM Wicked Radio, CBS Radio, and is one of the in-house Intuitives and Teachers at Hotel Cassadaga in Cassadaga, Florida.
She focuses on educating and working with Old Souls and those who feel they are “broken.” She believes in walking your truth by learning to love yourself every step of the way. April provides private spiritual counseling, past life healing, chakra cleansing and healing, inner child work and meditation classes.

Lindsey Faber

Center Volunteer - Lindsey ran an in home daycare for 3 years in NY, and obtained her Early Childhood Education certification to enable her to teach in an accredited private preschool. After teaching for 1 year she was promoted to run the prek program for 2 years, ran summer camps at a YMCA, and took a position mentoring and training certified teachers in preschool - kindergarden for 3 years. After those wonderful experiences she decided to use her coroporate skills in IT. Lindsey feels passionately about helping others feel wanted and welcomed in our center. 



Marisa Leigh

Marisa started her personal yoga practice in 2005 after trying a Hot Yoga class in her home state of California. After experiencing the amazing full body high that comes after a great asana practice, she began to explore a variety of yoga classes and in 2012 began training as an instructor.   The love of multiple yoga styles led her to obtain multiple teaching certifications in different lineages through 200 hour intensive trainings as well as speciality workshops.   Marisa studied at Tapas Yoga Shala under master trainers Evan and Kelly Harris (Ashtanga), Deva Parnell of Discovery Yoga (Kripalu) and has continued as a student, practicing and learning under master trainer Caryn Keshner Register (dynamic core flow Vinyasa) in St. Augustine.   Find Marisa teaching here at PbP in a monthly workshop, as well as in yoga studios in Palm Coast and St. Augustine!

Diane Bixler

Center Volunteer - Diane is a certified Integrative Nutrition Health Coach who began her journey into health coaching as a result of her personal frustrations finding solutions to her own simple health problems. A friend and coach helped get her life back on track, and she was inspired that something so simple could be so effective. she searched

for the right school, and found the perfect match with the Institute for Integrative Nutrition. Dianes education aligned with her personal beliefs, and shes now had the satisfaction of watching her own clients

change their lives and meet their goals.

Training and Education: The Institute for Integrative Nutrition, New York City

Professional Training and Certification Program

University of Central Florida, Orlando

Bachelor’s in Science, Exceptional Student Education

Diane is currently working full-time as Lead Staffing Specialist for Flagler District Schools, completing her 23rd year in public education this summer. In addition, for 12 years in Flagler, she has coordinated and supervised the Extended School Year program for students with disabilities.